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Hi, My name is Sebastian and I’m a dedicated gamer. I started designing games  in the sixth form at school while studying for a BTEC level 3 in Games Development. After completing a foundation year,  I started a degree course at Solent University, studying for a BSc(Honours) in Game Design (Indie) from which I graduated  in 2019 with a First

I am passionate about creating games that are fun yet challenging, with a special focus on the art and level design. I believe in pushing the boundaries of my craft, constantly learning about new engines, new tools and developing fresh ideas from which to create original content. I thrive in a pressurised, creative  environment, collaborating with my colleagues to develop great games. My broad range of skills, creative flair and strong work ethic combined with an original approach to design allow me to bring my imagination to life in the games I create.


Contact : 
Email :
Discord : Spriggs16[Seb]#8257


Skills /Knowledge 

Game Engines

- Unity

- Unreal

3D packages

- Modo

- Blender

- 3dsMax

Code language

- C#


- Affinity Photo()

- Affinity Designer

[ W.I.P ] Kriss Vector

Tools: Blender, Modo


Kingdom Jump 

Swing, jump and fight your way through the kingdom in an unmatched adventure. Become a hero by swinging through mystical landscapes as you fight your way through unseen monstrous creatures. It is your destiny to win and prevent the magical Kingdom from being overrun by monsters.

My Role: Project Manager

Game 1

Dog in a box 

Dog In A Box is a virtual reality dog building game, allowing the player to step into the shoes of a travelling toy dog maker. As you step into the shoes of the toy maker, you should expect to receive unexpected orders for toy dogs in often strange locations.

My role: Environment artist

Game 2

Undead v Undead

UndeadVUndead is a game made as part of a University unit. The brief was a 2D game of a random theme. We were allocated the theme "Undead", and so UndeadVUndead was born. I worked alongside some brilliant people on this who all pulled together well towards the end of the project.

My Role: Project manager, level designer

Game 3


Alastor was my final major project the goal for this project was to create a modular quest system with a dialogue system as well, the other focus was with the environment art which i produced all except the cliff face and trees 

Tools/software: UE4,Modo, substance painter



Luna was made as part of the same university unit as UndeadVUndead. For this game we had to make an escape room of a randomly allocated theme. Our theme was "Virus Outbreak". I worked alongside some very close friends on this and am very proud of the outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed working on Luna, all art assets where made by myself, i was also in charge of managing the project. Harrison Kons helped with the design and Jaz Marshall porter did the majority of the programming.

My role: Project manager, 3d artist

Dog city

Dog City

Dog City was made for a University unit, Mobile Applications.

The purpose here was to develop a mobile game adhering to best mobile practises, utilising the Unity profiler to test and ensure performance on Android and iOS devices.

Displayed is a video of key parts of the game running on an iPad Air 2.

My role: Project manager, 3d artist, programmer 

Project Details

  • Purpose: University

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Device: iOS / Android

  • Database: MySQL Database

  • Backend: PHP

  • Other Programmer: JAZ  MARSHALL-PORTER

  • Other Programmer:  Ethan Champion

3D Models

3D models

Cyber Punk sword

Tools Modo, Blender

Flower pot gun

Tools Modo, Blender

Toon style 

Tools Used: Modo

[WIP] borderlands design 

Room Design 

tools used :  modo


tools used : blender / modo

syalized weapon


Character sculpt

Nintendo Switch

Kingdom jump
Kriss vector
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